Rent a sim at jokaydiaGRID

Rent a Sim at jokaydiaGRID

jokaydiaGRID offers full sim (region) at jokaydiaGRID for individuals, group and organisations who would like to explore the uses of virtual worlds in a PG environment. jokaydiaGRID is designed to support education and the arts.

jokaydiaGRID sim rentals entitle owners to:

  • Full region connected to the jokaydiaGRID
  • Light scripting – limited timed/physics scripts
  • 15-20 Avatars concurrently depending on build/activity
  • Full terraforming rights
  • Up to 15,000 prims
  • Parcel media movie & MP3 streaming
  • Estate Managers
  • Parcel divisions allowed

For further information about jokaydia’s Community Guidelines click here.


How to Order

To order your sim at jokaydiaGRID simply complete the form below. A jokaydiaGRID team member will get in touch with you once your sim(s) has been created.


Costs for jokaydiaGRID Rentals

Rentals are charged at a standard fee of $25au per month (incl GST). We also charge a one-time setup fee of $50au (incl GST) to setup you estate.



jokaydiaGRID accepts payments on a monthly or 6mthly basis. You can make payment via Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Deposit.


Complete the Form Below to Order