jokaydiaGRID Community Guidelines

jokaydiaGRID Community Guidelines

The jokaydia Community Guidelines are designed to ensure that our community remains creative, collaborative and equitable. As part of your jokaydia Rental Agreement, all residents much meet these guidelines.  These guidelines apply to all residents at jokaydiaGRID and our tenants on the Island of jokaydia in Second Life.


Residents Access to Resources:

  • Residents who rent at jokaydiaGRID receive access to their own Simulator, including estate manager rights.
  • Residents on the Island of jokaydia in Second Life get access to their own parcel. We provide rentals from 512m and upwards (depending on availabilies).
  • No subletting or sub-rentals without prior written approval from jokaydia Management.


Acceptable Behaviour:

  • Be Respectful. You may have strong feelings about a topic or project, and you may encounter different or challenging ideas, but show respect to all users of jokaydiaGRID, the Island of jokaydia and the jokaydia websites. Please avoid being rude, abusive or dismissive of others.
  • All residents and visitors must respect the race, religion, political views, and other beliefs and experiences of other participants. It is illegal to make racist, sexist or homophobic comments, harass or ‘stalk’ any person, or make defamatory statements or personal attacks on another person.
  • Griefing will not be tolerated in any form. Residents or visitors who are found to be griefing will be removed and banned.


Acceptable Content:

  • jokaydia is an educational community and welcomes residents K-20. Residents must ensure that all content they share at jokaydiaGRID, the Island of jokaydia in Second Life and on the jokaydia websites is appropriate for that audience.
  • jokaydiaGRID is a strictly PG-rated environment and welcomes young people and students to our spaces. For this reason, all content at jokaydiaGRID must strictly adhere to a PG-Rating. No content of a violent, discriminatory or sexual nature will be tolerated.
  • jokaydia Management reserves the right to remove inappropriate content from our websites, and inworld environments without notice if it is deemed to be of an inappropriate nature.
  • Residents who wish to report inappropriate content should contact, or log your report via the jokaydiaGRID Contact Form.


Access to Public Spaces:

  • Additionally residents receive free access to the shared resources at jokaydiaGRID and on the Island of jokaydia in Second Life. There is a conference area, sandbox, newbie gardens, education square, a skybox classroom (we limit use of this to 3 classes per week to ensure fair access).
  • Public Spaces can be booked for private use by residents free of charge. Please contact for further information.


Rental Groups in Second Life:

  • Parcels are managed via Groups in Second Life. A group is created for you, and land deeded to it.
  • Group Land Management allows you to share management of the space with trusted colleagues, and also provides you with a basic social networking channel.
  • jokaydia Management avatars also remain as a member of your group, so basic assistance and maintenance of land parcels can be supported.


Sims on jokaydiaGRID

  • jokaydiaGRID offers rentals of  full regions (sims). Full sim owners must provide a Master Avatar name at signup time or management of their region.


Building @ jokaydia:

  • There is no limit on use or building styles, but all residents must build within their parcel boundaries except on prior negotation with jokaydia Management. Residents are also reminded to consider the surrounding environment in their build, and refrain from creating structures which limit or interfere with their virtual neighbours or other residents.
  • We ask that Second Life residents limit their builds to 300m – as this allows us to provide some (relatively) lag free, private space for classes above 300m. There are no height limits on building for jokaydiaGRID residents.
  • We also ask that residents keep their spaces open (free from ban lines) as much as possible to allow for ease of access for everyone on the estate. Spaces can be made private for special events or scheduled classes.
  • If you have objects or scripts which significantly negatively impact on the ability for the sim (Region) to operate in an efficient manner (such as causing time dilation) we will ask you to cease using the items. This also applies to objects which can cause regions to crash.
  • Rotating or flashing signs or structures that impact on your neighbours or the overall user experience at jokaydia in Second Life or jokaydiaGRID are not allowed.


Running Businesses and Activities on jokaydia:

  • Residents are welcome to run businesses and hold events and classes on jokaydia. We request notification (via IM or email) when people are holding events where they are inviting more than 15 attendees. This allows us to manage load, avatar limits etc.
  • Activities on jokaydia must fit in with the ethos of the jokaydian community. We reserve the right to ask residents to cease or cancel activities that are anti-social or impact on other residents.
  • No XXX focussed businesses, clubs or gambling are allowed.
  • Activities at the Island of jokaydia in Second Life must also meet Linden Labs Terms of Service.


Advertising on jokaydia:

  • Excessive advertising on jokaydia is not allowed. Residents may promote their own events and activities, but no additional or networked advertising is permitted without prior consent from jokaydia Management.
  • “Camping” equipment, such as camp chairs, dance for pay pads are strictly forbidden from use.



  • In the interest of protecting content, jokaydia Management recognizes the DCMA (DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT) and provides a service in which content providers who feel their rights have been infringed may pursue.
  • Content Owners who wish to make a complaint/request for action in regards to content claims must provide evidence of their ownership, and the location of the content being infringed.
  • jokaydiaGRID Management will respond to all Copyright issues within 24hrs.
  • All copyright related issues should be addressed to for further action.


Rental Payments

  • Please ensure that you make payment for your land within 14 days of invoice! jokaydia Management reserves the right to repossess land and delete prims without notice if rent is excessively overdue!
  • Please refer any questions regarding invoices to: