It's Moving Day!


The big day has arrived, and we’ve started moving data over to the new server! jokaydiaGRID residents’ oar files (region files) and iar files (inventory files) are being saved and packed in virtual boxes, and all is progressing well so far.

A few FAQs for those who are keen to know what’s happening:

  • Q: Can I still access the old grid? A: Our existing grid is still up at the moment, and some residents have already negotiated with us so that they can continue with normal activities during the coming week. However, unless you have made arrangements with us, please be aware that access to jokaydiaGRID will be intermittent between the 12th October and 14th October. This will include things random grid restarts, passwords changing (so we can backup your inventory) and things generally being unavailable. If you desperately need to access something, please email us @ and we’ll do our best to figure it out for you!
  • Q: Am I moved yet? When can i login!? A: The jokaydiaGRID team will send you an email with grid configuration detail and your new login details when its time to come and start testing! For those who have registered for transfer already, you can expect to see those on the 15th October. 
  • Q: Oh noes! I forgot to register my avatar for transfer! A: Dont panic – you can still register your avatar for transfer. Please complete this form! However, be aware that your account transfer may not be delivered until later in week next week, although we will do our best to get everyone moved over as fast as possible. Stay tuned – we’ll post updates here on our news site and via twitter about progress.The deadline for registration is 20 October 2012. 
  • Q: I don’t really care about my inventory. Can I just make a new account? A: Yes! For those who arent concerned about transfers, you are welcome to make a new account on the new server. We will announce details and update all of our signup pages etc shortly. 
  • Q: I have a really important class / meeting / demo / project planned for NEXT WEEK! Will the grid be ready? A: Yes, we do expect that the new servers will be up and running by next week. However please contact us if you have an important session planned in the next 7 days so we can ensure things go smoothly for you!

As always, please let us know if you have comments or concerns, either via comments below or email:

/jokay runs off to pack virtual boxes some more! ….. seeya in the metaverse soon! 😉