In latest news on the grid, we’re nearly finished with the Virtual Enterprise build – part of a project supported by Virtually Enterprising and North Coast Institute of TAFE, and of course hosted @ jokaydiaGRID! (YAY!)

Development of a virtual trade show in a virtual world aims to enable VE (Virtual Enterprise) learners to set up and participate in their annual Trade Shows collaboratively with students from other VEs (Virtual Enterprises) from around Australia and perhaps even internationally in the future.

Check out a rough video of the build in progress, or pop in to visit the project! Search for VirtualEnterprise1 on the main map!

Video Description:

Virtually Enterprising…. In late 2011, an idea was formulated to use the Virtual Enterprise Trade Fair as the basis for a hands-on learning environment in a virtual world, where learners could prepare and participate ‘live’ in Trade Shows in collaboration with other VE classrooms online. ….. this is what we’ve created so far! 😉

Created using Animoto. Music: John Kelley—A Night In The Park