Today we’re excited to open the doors to our minecraft server for visitors for the first time, for a jokaydia Festival of Unconference Minecrafting Session!

Join us in NewCity to survive your first night in Minecraft. Do a little basic skills development, and explore the minecrafting environment. Meet some of our miners and join in on the digging!

Starting at 2:30pm – 4:00pm Sydney Time (Check your local time here) – simply login to the jokaydia Minecraft to attend!

Session Instructions


To join this session you’ll need to signup for Minecraft (fees apply) and download and install the software. Once that’s complete you’ll be able to login in to Minecraft and join our Multiplayer environment. For a guide on how to connect to jokaydia’s Minecraft server visit the jokaydia Minecrafts Blog @!

Additionally, during this session we’ll be using Ventrillo to create a voice channel during the session. Ventrillo is a very simple VOIP tool which you can download and install on your computer for free. There’s a guide to connecting to the jokaydia Ventrillo channel on the Wiki @ Please ensure you have setup and tested Ventrillo prior to the event!

Note: There is a 20 player limit on the jokaydia Minecraft Servers. Our server will be open from 11am Sydney Time today until 5pm Sydney Time and visitors are welcome to explore during that time. We will then return to our regular Whitelisted default state. Please carefully consider the jokaydia Minecraft Charter before visiting!


More Unconferencing Tonight!

Additional to our Minecraft session, join us @ jokaydiaGRID from 6pm – 8pm Sydney Time (Check your local time here!) for some hypergrid adventuring, discussions on bringing content to opensim and our regularly scheduled campfire discussions!

Check out the wiki @ for more details!