Never been to an unconference? New to virtual worlds or opensim!? Then today’s events are for you!

To kick off the first day of our Festival of Unconferency-ness 2011 we’ll be holding an intro session, tour and campfire discussion … TODAY!

The draft schedule for sessions is available on the Unconference Wiki pages and is as follows:


Unconference Information and Newbie Session

Time: Sunday 29 May, 2:00pm – 2:30pm (Sydney Time, Check your local time here!)

Session Description: A short social session to open the conference. Join us at the jokaydia Landing Point to meet other participants and find out more about the planned events. Learn about how you can participate by facilitating a session or contributing to our community projects. Setup your avatar, grab some freebies and get ready for the month of unconferencing ahead!

Facilitator: Jokay Wollongong

Location: Scooter Sim, jokaydiaGRID.

jokaydiaGRID Tour

Time: Sunday 29 May, 2:45pm – 3:45pm (Sydney Time, Check your local time here!)

Session Details: New to Virtual Worlds or Opensimulator? Join us at jokaydiaGRID for a short tutorial on setting up your avatar and exloring the grid. Visit a number of sims at jokaydiaGRID who are exploring the use of virtual worlds in their various fields.

Facilitator: Jokay Wollongong

Starting Point: Scooter Sim, jokaydiaGRID

Campfire Discussion Series – Part 1

Time: Sunday 29 May, 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Sydney Time, Check your local time here!)

Session Details: Join us at the jokaydiaGRID Grid Gardens on Ajax sim and share your ideas, questions and crazy ideas! All topics relating to virtual worlds and games in education are welcome! You can add your suggestions via our Wallwisher below!

Facilitator: Jokay Wollongong

Location: The Gardens @ jokaydiaGRID, Ajax Sim


Unconference SwapMeet Sim Opens Today!

Today we are also launching the Unconference Swap-Meet sim – a space to share, swap and shop throughout the unconference!

Join us at the SwapMeet sim to start the sharing ball rolling! Throughout the month we’ll be inviting content creators to share their work … because everyone could do with some new loot in their inventory, right?! For more info, check out the Unconference Wiki pages!



Unconference Facilitators – We Need You!

Unconference’s are about participation and are best when facilitation is shared and session topics are wide and varied.  We invite you to be a part of our Unconference by sharing your work, your favourite hot topic or even your work in progress at one of the Unconference sessions.

To do so, simple check out the Unconference Wiki pages, click the ‘EDIT’ button and add a session:

[list type=”green”] [li]WEEK 2 – 30 May – 5 June 2011[/li] [li]WEEK 3: 6 June – 12 June 2011[/li] [li]WEEK 4: 13 JUNE – 19 JUNE 2011[/li] [/list]


Ideas for session could include:

[list type=”green”] [li]Give a presentation on recent virtual worlds project or initiative[/li] [li]Run a workshop which demonstrates a tool or strategy you’re using[/li] [li]Lead a discussion on a hot topic or convene a panel session[/li] [li]Teach a building or scripting class and share your virtual worlds skills[/li] [li]Create a roleplay or immersive activity for participants to visit during the unconference[/li] [li]Run a newbie event for new residents[/li] [li]Create an exhibit or display to share at the unconference[/li] [li]Take us on adventure to your grid, sim or other online space[/li] [li]Share your favourite educational gaming environment[/li] [/list]


If you need further information or would like support in planning and facilitation a session at the Unconference please contact Jokay Wollongong inworld or email:


Contribute to the Discussion!

During the Unconference we will hold a number of Campfire discussions. These sessions are an openspace for participants to share ideas, raise issues, ask questions and learn from each other. And of course (in true unconference style) we’d like YOU to help us to plan the topics!

Add your thoughts to the wallwisher below and help us to create a relevent, engaging series of discussions!