The second meeting of the HGAC Backpacker’s Group meets tonight at jokaydiaGRID! Join us to visit the Physics Region on New World Grid – where we’ll explore the Physics lab and check out the awesome CERN models created by Aime Socrates – who describes the region this way:

You are all welcome to the Physics region. Physics and chemistry are passions and I would like to share them with you. I suggest to entertain and cultivate you while strolling in a setting where every detail has its importance. You have the choice between walking around freely or following a teleportation path that I’ve prepared for you. If you choose the treasure hunt mode, a form can be collected in the Pisa tower to be completed and dropped in my mailbox in the end of the tour. You will have to teleport yourself to the next point to find more clues and to complete the document without weakening. You can leave messages on bulletin boards asking questions that I will be happy to answer. Prepare your video media player, sound player, entertainments are waiting for you. You can touch everything!” (From the New World Grid website.)

The meetup will be kicking off this Thursday 17th February at 8:00pm Sydney Time / 10:00pm Auckland time / 9:00am GMT. You can check your local time here –

We’ll meet at Scooter Sim at jokaydiaGRID.. and of course if you need help feel free to get in contact with me via twitter – @jokay or skype – joannamkay.