Developments at jokaydiaGRID Landing Point

We’ve had a fantastic week at jokaydiaGRID this week and firstly I must welcome all of our new residents! It is wonderful to see so many new faces and also old friends from Second Life visiting us! During the course of the weekend, we’ve had more than 60 new accounts created and Azzura and I have had the pleasure of meeting lots of people on their very first jokaydiaGRID Rez Day! Too exciting!

Thank you everyone for joining us on this fantastic adventure in Opensim! I hope that we can continue to support educators and artists to explore amazing and inspiring uses of virtual worlds – discovering the best uses and best practices for each of our homes in the metaverse! Stay tuned as we begin holding more regular community events and activties inworld!

Also, if you have a mad scheme, fantastic idea or suggestion you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email

jokaydiaGRID Rentals – Our Grid is Growing!

jokay and Azzura at jokaydiaGRID Landing Point

In other exciting news, we’ve also had a number of new sims spring up on the grid this weekend, and we’d like to welcome our new Sim Owners to jokaydiaGRID!

  • Longtime jokaydians Pandora Kurrajong and Sapphire Ceawlin have moved into Edvirons to explore various uses of opensim including working with teens, SLoodle and professional develoment for educators
  • DawnRyder Wycliffe has moved into a huge 6 sim estate – with plans to explore various uses of virtual worlds for education. She has lots of experience from Second Life – and I CAN’T WAIT to see what emerges at the Rising Hope campus.
  • Pathfinder Lester aka John Lester who we all know from his years of support for virtual worlds educators has moved into a lovely sim called appropriately ‘Pathlandia’. You can keep up to date with his exploits both at jokaydiaGRID and on the hypergrid on his blog – Be Cunning and Full of Tricks.

Pathfinder moves to jokaydiaGRID!

At any rate… thank you to ALL of our sim owners for choosing jokaydiaGRID to setup home in the open metaverse! I am so looking forward to being part of your opensim adventures and I’m sure you’ll all enrich the jokaydia Community!

Joining jokaydiaGRID

jokaydiaGRID Rentals!

If you’d like to join us on jokaydiaGRID, please feel free to get in touch. We are offering sims for rent to educators, artists and like-minded business people who are interested in exploring the uses of all virtual worlds, but especially opensim and we’d love to welcome you to our community! Our grid is PG-rated and supported by a community of educators and technologists who’ve been working in and exploring virtual worlds since 2006.

Rental Costs:

  • $50.00 AUD one-time setup fee
  • $25.00AUD per month for each sim (region).

What is included:

  • Full region connected to the jokaydiaGRID, Light scripting – limited timed/physics scripts
  • 10-20 Avatars concurrently depending on build/activity
  • Full terraforming rights
  • Parcel media movie & MP3 streaming
  • Estate Management tools
  • Parcel divisions allowed
  • Oar file backups and uploads upon request
  • Access to jokaydia Community resources including events spaces, SLoodle tools and other goodies!
  • Technical back end support provided by Reacton Grid – experts in creating fantastic virtual worlds solutions for education and business.

As a special deal for our jokaydiaGRID residents, we also offer you FREE access to our Islands of jokaydia in Second Life resources – including a Sandbox, 2 events spaces, Edusquare – our virtual worlds education directory, Bar@jokaydia, the Beach and various other informal spaces.  Please contact jokay Wollongong for further details or to make a booking to use these venues for private events!

But wait… there’s more! Special Offer for October

To support new residents who are making the transition from other worlds,  jokaydiaGRID is offering FREE Setup until the 30th October 2010! This means a saving of $50.00 aud for all residents who join us during the next few weeks!
To get your rental request started, simply complete the form here and jokaydia Support will be in touch!

Seeya in the metaverse soon!