A huge welcome to Team jokaydia to the truly fabulous Azzura Supplee – one of my oldest and dearest friends from Second Life!

Az will be joining me to assist with various projects and brings stellar building and scripting skills with her – WOOT! So far she’s been collaborating with me to bring our WIT Tourism build to life, and you can view some of her excellent work on the Western Institute sims.

Older jokaydia Residents might already know Az from her work on the Islands of jokaydia in Second Life back in 2008/09.. but if you havent met Az, feel free to drop into her home sim – Mirinesse @ jokaydiaGRID and say hello. She’s already created a great environment there with some handy resources!

You can also visit the Azztech Blog @ http://azztech.net/blog/ for more info on Azzura’s adventures in virtual worlds and also online gaming.

SO, WELCOME AZ! 😉 It is awesome to have such a wonderful collaborator onboard to help us to grow jokaydiaGRID!