jokaydia @ Reaction Grid - Day 1!

It’s been such an exciting day for jokaydia! Rather than focussing on the negative aspects of recent events, I’ll just say that I’m really proud of the jokaydia Community of Practice for regrouping, supporting and re-energising each other and starting some new journeys. Go team!

I  have created a new jokaydia Outpost on Reaction Grid as a next step in our virtual worlds explorations and hopefully the first in a series of outposts across a number of platforms! For me personally, its been a wonderful and much needed burst of new energy and motivation, and we’ve been welcomed both by the Reaction Team and by a number of Reaction residents.  Thanks everyone!

And even more exciting – within hours of jokaydia @ Reaction Grid appearing we had a great group of educators and friends come to visit, play and share their ideas at our very first Educators Meetup. During the session we decided that we’ll be holding a regular Sunday night meetup and discussed some options for a voice tools.. stay tuned for more news on all of  that soon!

Jokaydians in a brave new world

To visit jokaydia @ Reaction Grid, simply signup here and follow the instructions here.  When you arrive, you’ll find us either by searching the map for jokaydia, or look for a blue landmark button that the Reaction Team have kindly added at Core 1 (the Reaction Grid landing point) t0 direct visitors to our new space.

jokaydia Landmark @ Core 1!

You can also add your contact details to our wiki page – so we can keep in touch about upcoming events.

But what about jokaydia @ Second Life?

jokaydia @ Second Life!

Whilst the last few days have been a struggle…. I love Second Life and continue to be  passionate about virtual worlds (of all flavours) in education. Second Life has been jokaydia’s home since 2007 and is a space where our community has evolved and grown together. We have also connected to some amazing educators from all over the world there – invaluable networks which we intend to maintain.

The Islands of jokaydia in Second Life will continue to be our main headquarters and I’m looking forward to more learning and sharing there in the future.  All of our residents and visitors can expect a continuation of the support, activities and resources I have been facilitating there… including great new resources on our new wiki which will also be out soon.

However, this whole episode has offered us some great learning opportunites and we are using it as  chance to diversify. I’d like to thank everyone who has offered advice, support and feedback. I hope the whole affair also offers some great learning opportunites for other educators working in Second Life and virtual worlds more broadly…. and maybe even Linden Lab!

Onwards to more exciting things! Seeya at jokaydia @ Reaction Grid and/or jokaydia @ Second Life soon!